Body language of men


Body language is extremely important when it comes to all sorts of situations. You can tell a lot about the people around you based on their body language. Even if they don’t say a word about you, you can have a great idea of how they feel about you by looking at their posture.

If you think about it on a deeper level, you will see how all individuals talk to each other based on a visual level regardless of what they say and wear. It may not be comfortable for you to imagine how unspoken signals can affect your thoughts and signals but body language actually affects your daily transactions.

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But it is natural; humans react physically to sudden events or happenings even before processing the conscious thought. But no matter how much you think you can read a person’s body language, the people who deliver can study the same things just as easily and can control their movements to deliberately mislead. But it is not easy to read a man’s body language.

Growing up in modern society, today’s men have very verbal brains. They learn to observe non-verbal cues more and it becomes easier with the passage of time. But if you want to know the actual meaning behind a man’s body language, you will have to study deeper. There has been a study on body language signs that says a lot about someone but let’s take a look at the body language of men.

Dominant posture:

When a person faces you directly with straight shoulders with their stomach, chest, and neck uncovered, this indicates the dominance of their personality. Their arms hang comfortably at the sides and rest lightly with the hands on the hips. There must be a reason why it is said, the first impression is very important.

Aggressive Posture:

A man’s aggressiveness can be clearly indicated through the posture especially when the weight is pushed forward, the legs are close together usually with the dominant leg forward as if it is about to spring into motion. With their head and neck tilted forward to protect the neck whereas the upper body leans towards the other person’s personal space.

Defensive pose:

When a man is worried or defensive, his stance is to lean away from the rest of the people. This is a posture where the feet lean away pointing towards an avenue of escape.

Open palms:

When it comes to hand gestures and language, open palms indicate a gesture of sincerity and indicates a man’s willingness to listen. Such people are corporative and have nothing to hide from the other person.

Hidden Palms:

When a man’s palms are curled in the form of a fist, it demonstrates their defensiveness and aggression towards other people or evens.

Touching the face:

When a man touches his face, again and again, it indicates their anxiety over something and also makes them appear dishonest. On the other hand, touching the back of their head is a reassuring feeling that may be a signal that someone needs comforting or soothing. It also means that the guy is not even interested in the conversation further and wants to get over it.


It is an obvious sign that indicates a man’s boredom and is supported by holding the head with the hands.

Dominant handshake:

The most important gesture of non-verbal communication is the hand-shake. When you find a man making a hand-shake with the palm downward as it is offered and forces the other person’s hand to turn upward to meet it, it indicates a dominant personality of the person. It is actually one of the elements of making a great first impression.

Submissive hand-shake:

It is the one in which the palm turns upward and makes the shaker’s hand come down to cup it. It is good for people as it provides ease but it shows sincerity while offering an apology.

Blinking eye movements:

When you find a man blinking his eyes, it indicates their natural reaction to stress but fast blinking actually shows agitation.

Wider gaze:

If a man focuses on a person’s lower face, from the eyes down to the chin, it indicates that attention is being focused on the other person. It indicates positive feelings and is a good sign for the other person.

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