Turn your aggression into compassion

There cannot exist any real understanding without communication. But that communication needs to start with your own self. If you cannot communicate with yourself then you cannot expect to communicate with another person. Same happens with love, you cannot love someone else until and unless you love your own self. And if you do not know how to treat yourself with kindness, you can never do that to another person. Today, the society we live in has become painfully aggressive and everybody seems to be in some kind of competition all the time. Everyone is constantly faced with a flood of emotions as fear, hatred, pain, and enviousness. The most common thing all individuals suffer from right now is aggression.

Aggression has become part of everyone’s life and it would be great if you step aside from it and search for inner peace. It will be better if you use all that energy to transform it into compassion, wisdom and a deeper understanding about your own self.

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Following are the ways you can transform anger into compassion for others:

1. Avoid reacting instantly:

When something doesn’t go as planned, aggression takes over human mind which ceases your thinking. When you stop to think you react instantly and doing things which you regret later. The best way to avoid that is to respond with wisdom and understanding. Step aside from the situation, understand it completely, and find a more rational way to solve the problem.

2. Do not copy other people’s behaviors:

When an argument develops among people, some of them behave aggressively then the rest. The others copy their emotions and a simple argument turns into a physical fight. Don’t be the person who copy’s behavior of other people, instead, remain serene and rational. You will see the other person whom you are having an argument with will become relaxed and calm and the situation will soon come under control.

3. Have empathy for others:

When you feel anger developing inside because of an aggressive argument, see things from other people’s perspective. Understand motives of that person and you would begin to feel anger leaving your body. Start replacing that anger with compassion for that other person and you will get to the concept of not reacting instantly.

4. Realize you are responsible for your emotions:

When you feel your anger has disrupted the soundness of a situation, do not play the blame game. Accept the responsibility of your angry emotions and realize that it influenced a situation in a bad way.

5. Meditate:

When you feel things getting out of your control, step aside, and take deep breaths. On daily basis, schedule 10 to 15 minutes towards practicing meditation and it will allow you to de-clutter your mind and let go of every single thought that upsets you.

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