How to make good money on TikTok?


Forbes posted an article “TikTok’s 7 Highest Money Making Stars” showing us a glimpse of opportunities not many people know about TikTok. Seven-figure income on this platform commonly known as the short video platform is very exciting and encourages people to pick up a TikTok career and excel in it.

Amid COVID-19, many people have lost their full-time jobs and are forced to lock down inside their homes. Many have opted for online money-making opportunities such as Freelancing, blogging, and Digital marketing. Those who do not want to learn a skill or do not have any skill have created channels on YouTube and TikTok with the hope to monetize their video content.

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Social media has become a good source of income for many people. By opting to go freelance as a social media influencer on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, people are making good money.

Here’s how you can make good money as an influencer on TikTok but you need to know the 2 basic things first before you can make money.

1- Establish your brand:

You need to create your brand by figuring out the type of video content you want to post and have to be consistent in uploading that content.

2- Do what people want to see:

This is tricky, TikTok is not an educational platform. By putting up content that excites people, and engages them to watch and share, you get in a better chance of attracting more viewership and eventually growing your account.

By knowing your target audience and making them see your content fetches you a great following. Many accounts have over one million followers on TikTok.

How to make money on TikTok?

After you have done the above 2 things, you can make money on TikTok through these four ways.

1- Influencer Marketing

If you have a good following, you are hired by companies to promote their product and services in your videos.

2- Sponsorship

You get hired by a brand to become its brand ambassador. This could be a quarterly contract or even an annual one.

3- Your Merchandise

This is my favorite, become popular on TikTok, sell your own Merchandize, and make 100% profit. Easy right?

4- Consultancy

Charge by providing hourly services to the people. You can cash in your popularity and take people on Skype after getting the payment.

Earning over a million dollars by posting short videos on this extremely popular social media platform orchestrates a way for others to consider TikTok as a content partner and make good money.

When are you getting on TikTok and producing your content?

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