Top Social Media Tips For Every Platform

You might be looking for new ways to put your brand in front of the social media users and wondering what’s working for others. During the search it may have come to your mind that if it’s even possible to keep social media posts focused on the brand without seeming self-centred and overly promotional. You can be stress-free now because recently the GA and founder of the free Facebook Group Magnetic Mastermind, Meliss Jakubovic, has shared advice for the major social media platforms you should consider while thinking of promoting your business along with what kind of strategies to adopt.


According to Jakubovic, a video has become the favorite method by business owners because it is best for absorbing content and information. YouTube can be an excellent tool whether you want to use it for promoting big or small business and Google gives a lot of preference to businesses with a YouTube Channel. For attaining most out of using the YouTube for promoting your business, following are the few methods you should follow:

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Pay attention to Titles:

Jakubovic suggests that for promoting business on YouTube, you must use specific keywords and phrases. For that purpose, you need to master the art of creating perfect headlines that show up first while people make searches about your kind of business.

Keep generating content:

High volumes of content are really helpful in promoting your business. Therefore, generate content consistently including company history, webinar clips, tutorials, etc. which will increase your views across social media platforms.

Chose specific categories and tags:

You should be careful while choosing categories and tags on YouTube. You should select tags people are actually searching for.

Keep profile up-t-date:

When your profile is up-to-date, the audience will be able to interact with you in a proper way.

Use subtitles:

By using subtitles, you can have the ability to reach YouTube viewers who are visually impaired. Subtitles will help you attract a whole different form of audience.


There are 65 million business professionals from around the world who are using LinkedIn for promoting their businesses. For people who want to grow through network, referrals, and mentorship, LinkedIn is the place to be in. following are the best tips to achieve the goals:

Building a company page:

On LinkedIn, build a page that represents your business and makes sure that it appeals the targeted audience. Provide all the key information that is required by a reader of the content.

Share advice and give freely:

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to build a reputation on the go and make every post as giving value and helping others.

Connect with the right audience:

Through LinkedIn you can connect to the right audience and make it your mission to interact individually with every person.

Ask for recommendation, referrals, and testimonials:

You cannot do it in a day or two, but with the passage of time pay attention on asking for referrals, recommendations, and testimonials.

Continuously updating:

For a better business to customer interaction, you need to constantly post status updates, join r participate in group discussions as well as write helpful articles. This will help in promotion and faster growth of your business.


With 173 million daily active users, SnapChat offers a lot of opportunity for business owners for interacting with the audience. SnapChat provides a variety of ad formats and following are the most popular marketing tactics you must keep in mind:

Increase engagement through Snap ads:

Snap ads is an interacting feature and are full-screen, vertical video ads that appear for about ten seconds. Using these ads for promoting your business will appeal the audience a lot.

Geo filters:

The custom new Geo filters are considered good way to attract new followers for new businesses.

SnapChat sponsored lens:

Another best way to allow users interact with ads is by designing a SnapChat sponsored lens. These are fun and easily shareable and can be helpful for businesses with a limited advertising budget.


Pinterest has become the 3rd largest social media platform with a monthly user base over 150 million. This is the best place if your targeted audience is women because according to reports, 45% of all online women use Pinterest. Following are the key ways to use this platform in a better way for your business:

Rich Pins:

One of the key features on Pinterest are the Rich Pins that allow users for more information to show up in the pin itself. You need to apply in order to enable this feature and then it will increase your net engagement. By including more information, your pin will show up more often in searches made by the users.

Design images:

Image is given more importance before the content, so it is important for promoting your business to design high quality images specifically for Pinterest.

Write blogs:

For Pinterest, you can also write blogs that can be used as sharable content that allows you to build trust with your audience.

According to Melliss Jakubovic, all kinds of platforms are not suitable for all business especially for the new ones. Therefore, start by choosing 2 to 3 platforms and then focus all your efforts on their growth and success.

This article is inspired from a Forbes article

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