7 ways to stay calm while facing daily stress

There are a million things to do but you don’t have enough time for all. It makes you feel that everything is falling apart and you suffer severe anxiety with a complete meltdown. If this persists for long then it can bring damages to your health and lower the ability to perform optimally. Without having to stay calm under pressure, many of the world’s athletes and successful leaders admit that they could not have achieved the level of success they are at. Staying calm prepared them mentally for the challenges they faced and to come up with solutions they could not have thought of otherwise.

For ordinary people, in order to survive and thrive, they need to find ways to deal with pressure and uncertainty. It is because studies have shown a deep connection between staying calm and productivity. Following are the practices you can adopt on daily basis in order to stay calm:

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Proper planning:

You may not have any idea what kind of challenges you will face on daily basis but you can get a general idea of what kinds of pressures you may have to deal with. Therefore, planning ahead for a few possibilities and deciding how you will handle them can make a lot of difference when the situation happens and you can stay calm because of being mentally prepared.

Ignore the small issues:

Not all tasks or issues are equally important; therefore, do not waste your energy on things that do not matter much. Leave some of the tasks that have a longer time limit and can be completed later. Set priorities and maintain a sense of control. This will help you stay calm by working on the important tasks first and then dealing with the rest.

Practice deep breathing:

Whenever you are faced with a difficult situation, you start breathing quickly and that send in a panic condition. Instead, separate yourself from the difficult situation and breathe deeply for few seconds. This will help you to see the situation from a new perspective by staying calm and coming up with better solutions.

Believe in yourself:

If you don’t have any compelling reason, stick to your plans and do not change them. But if you do have to change because of the circumstances, then believe in yourself and make reasonable changes. Believe in yourself and it will help you to stay calm in every situation no matter how difficult it is.

Stay positive:

Just scolding yourself or others for not getting the things right will only make the situation worse. Therefore, look at the brighter side of everything and be grateful for what you are able to achieve. When you will think about the setbacks or mistakes, it will lead you to anxiety. Just what possibilities are there even when your plans fail?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

There is no one in the world who can survive alone. You always need someone to support you in difficult situations. Therefore, don’t be afraid if you need help and ask the people you trust to support you. When you will feel you are not alone, you will stay calm in every situation.

Don’t scare yourself with imagination:

The imaginative power is very strong and it can either create you or break you inside. Therefore, do not scare yourself with dreadful consequences and think of better ways to come up with solutions to problems.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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