Shy?. These 6 social rituals that can help you overcome shyness

Shyness is felt by every person at one point or another. It can be so debilitating that it can prevent you from participating in social situations or events that can prove very important for your personal or professional life. The fear of being criticized and rejected often threatens shy people to avoid any social gatherings they actually want to be a part of. But research has proved that the excessive fear of negative evaluation and then avoiding the situation may provide relief initially; however, it leads to feelings of shame and self-blame afterwards.

But like any other social skill, shyness is something that can be treated and social fitness can increase over time. Following are the few social rituals that can help you overcome shyness:

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Take small steps towards building confidence:

Overcoming shyness cannot be done in one leap; it requires you to take small steps that can put you in a friendly frame of mind. First, you need to create a ritual that can make you feel confident. You can start by greeting people during your morning walk even if they are strangers. Try saying “good morning” or a simple “hi” with a smile so that nobody feels awkward when you greet them. When you run into people in any other time of the day then spark up a small talk like discussing the weather, their dog or clothing item. This will help you get started with a friendly conversation. And then, when you feel comfortable after this, compliment people on something you feel fascinating. Performing these habits on daily basis will put you in a friendly frame of mind and you will learn to tackle the bigger situation with the passage of time.

Make a visualization:

Visualization can help you a lot in overcoming shyness. When you visualize what you are going to do in a situation right from introducing yourself to being introduced to others, your fears reduce a lot. While analyzing a situation, picture in your mind different outcomes, and how you can handle them

Make a consistent effort:

You cannot overcome shyness with one or two techniques; you have to make a consistent effort. You need to schedule on your calendar all the vents that can be helpful in your effort and mark them. This will act as a commitment to you. Find the social events that interest you and enjoy the most when you attend them.

Seek advice from a mentor:

If you consider your commitment won’t be strong, then let someone else know what you are trying to accomplish. Go to social events with one of your friend or family member who can hold you accountable when you lose focus. Because overcoming shyness can be difficult on its own but when you have a mentor to push you, you will stay on the right track

Perform one social ritual daily:

This is what that is going to keep on the track. Perform one daily social ritual for overcoming your shyness whether it’s a greeting people in the morning, attending a social event, or chatting with strangers.

Focus on your body language:

Be very well aware of your own self when you are nervous. Many people put their hands in pockets, some start to fidget, or even experience shallow breathing. Therefore, be prepared to avoid all such habits when faced with a social situation. Stay calm and have confidence in your own self. When you will take on a positive body language, you will see the world through completely different lens.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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