6 Skills that will improve your chances of being hired

Out of college, you may be up for a job hunt. You always think that the degree you have attained is enough to land you a job in no time.

Maybe you have a couple of strong internships or some competition wins under your belt.

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Maybe you were a team leader or a volunteer with your program but even with all your qualifications, it is difficult to know out what a recruiter’s eye is looking for. The need for different skills has evolved over a few years. The modern technical workplace requires more than strictly technical skills. More and more recruiters are now looking for a combination of technical ability as well as transferable soft skills.

In today’s new market, the following are the most sought-after skills that hiring managers are looking for.

1- Foreign languages:

As the world is becoming more globalized, recruiters look for job applicants who know a foreign language. In this way, they can have employees who can communicate with clients in which they feel more comfortable.

2- Web development:

With the advancement in e-commerce, more and more people shop online. Businesses that don’t have a website feel like they have been thrown out of the competition. Therefore, it’s a must for every business to get a website therefore they look for an employee who has knowledge of HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

3- Data analysis:

With companies having an increasing amount of facts and figures, data analysts are becoming more important. Businesses are always planning ahead for the future, so with this in mind, you can acquire the skills of a data analyst.

4- Cloud computing:

As cloud computing is becoming extremely popular, having an experience with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform can land you major jobs in no time.

5- Collaborative mindset:

The new strategy for hiring by recruiters is to look for applicants that have the ability to work in teams and collaborate with others in the best way in order to get things done.

6- Social media skills:

Social media has become an important place for businesses to market their products and services. Having an understanding of the language of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can give you an edge over other job applicants.

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