Degree is Over-Rated. Learning skills is the future


Today, in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, almost everybody is talking about skills over a college degree for some specific domains. Employers are looking for experience and the right skills for the job. This shift has led to a growing realization that the traditional degree, while still important in some industries, is becoming increasingly overrated and that learning and developing real-world skills is the key to success in the future workforce.

Candidates with “hands down” experience of a particular task with the right skill sets are preferred over those candidates who have a college degree but do not have the required tools to fit in.

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Interestingly, 2 years back, when I started raising this issue here on social media that our education system grew too old to stand tall on its own feet. I emphasized people should focus on learning new skills. Sadly, I got a huge flag from many old-school versions, mostly moms, who believed I am “misleading the youth“.

Now that time is proven, this is what the model of education looks like in the near future.

A degree could well be a thing for specialized “niches” only.

For tech, in particular, people with skills certificates, and experience would probably be better off than those with 4 years college degree. There are many highest-paying jobs without a degree requirement.

Earlier this year. Apple CEO Tim Cook said you don’t need a college degree to be successful. He was referring to Apple preferring people with the right skill sets and experience to those who have a college degree but do not have an appropriate skill set for the job.

Open the Internet, and learn a skill or two. Start practicing it, master it, learn how to sell yourself, learn a few soft skills such as business development, the art of public speaking, persuasion precisely, and…

Even for starting your own business, you don’t need a degree or money – You need GRIT, GUTS, and BALLS.

Learn skills and earn!

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