Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree


A college degree could be worth millions if one is lucky enough and find an appropriate job related to the education they have got. In the modern age, the evolution of computers and the introduction of technology is demanding skill-oriented workers. New skills in demand are reducing the importance of a degree in some fields.

It is happening especially in the fields such as technology, computer science, and most importantly in the world of freelancing where people are choosing self-employment over full-time jobs and prefer freelance jobs online.

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Many full-time jobs are also highly in demand and they do not require a 4-year college degree. Boilermakers’ median annual wage is around US$62,260, and Chemical plant and system operators’ median annual wage is around $62,170. Insurance companies, police jobs, jobs at Rig, and technicians jobs also do not require a proper college degree and typically pay between US$40,000 to US$65,000.

College degree for many jobs is quickly becoming irrelevant. Google, IBM, and Apple no longer require a college degree. Skill matters for new jobs as many existing jobs will be replaced by new skills in demand in the near future. It is estimated that 45 percent of jobs in the future will change – People with liberal arts skills will survive in the future.

The paradox of understanding the new job scenario where a degree is becoming irrelevant can be understood through the simple, logical behavior of organizations. Instead of hiring an employee with A+ grades or a high GPA, an employer would like to have a resource at their disposal who has a practical, hands-down understanding of that skill and can get the job done in a timely fashion. So for new collar jobs, the eligibility of a candidate is based on their skills rather than the degree they have got from a college.

Glassdoor’s list of top companies that do not require a 4-year college degree further proves the perspective of the companies that they want people with skills and practical knowledge to get a job done.

Sometimes we feel, there is something wrong with our schools. Apple CEO, Tim Cook has also talked about a college degree. He says there’s a “mismatch” between the skills learned in college and the actual skills that are needed in the industry.

Education is good, and education is essential but the current education system needs to change. Teachers need to go back to school as their degree is outdated. The curriculum is outdated and needs to be replaced with industry-demanded jobs and skills.

The school does not teach kids how to make money, how to solve a problem and learn problem-solving skills. It also does not teach kids how to break their fear and how to think out of the box from an entrepreneur’s point of view. If we study the current education system, we find out that it was created during the industrial revolution era in the 1900s era and has not been updated substantially. It ignores technological evolution in the world, it ignores modern history. The emphasis is put on obtaining good marks and grades in a class rather than learning futuristic, practical skills.

The highest-paying companies who do not require a degree understand what essentially they are looking for in a candidate. They are looking for skills, practical knowledge, and a positive attitude to get a job done. They are looking for a candidate with a portfolio that resonates with their current job requirement. Previous experience with such skills helps candidates win the job.

The focus should be put on learning new skills that are high in demand in the market and could land you a good job without a college degree. According to  LinkedIn, these skills are high in demand in 2019.

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