How I upscaled my social media presence in 7 proven ways

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Companies are spending huge amounts of money and time to find ways to raise their position on search engine result pages. A huge part of this strategy includes adding new content to the site and this is the reason that Google and the other search engines love to add new content regularly. When it comes to individual sites, a similar strategy applies to them as well because there is no better way than updating your content regularly. But everything that you post or share should be relevant, timely, and unique.

You do not need to know what is a good blog post or a bad post, but you can gauge the response to your posts through the comments that you receive and the traffic you generate.

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Following are the ways I adapted on Facebook profile and page, linked-in and they can help you too in tweaking your content strategy and growing your brand or business by posting on social media platforms.

Provide value:

While sharing on the social media platform, you need to keep in mind the value that you provide to your audience. Through your posts, people will remember what things you or your brand is offering to them. You must remember that your brand is not just about you but rather it is what others receive from you.

Make your audience aware:

Through your posts, you need to make the audience aware that you exist. You must focus all your energy on generating posts that show your brand and what you specialize in. once you keep on posting regularly, your brand will create a picture in the mind of the people and they will remember your brand every time they need the desired product or service.

Educate the people:

Your posts should not just be fancy photographs of the products or services that you are offering. You need to bring quotes or messages that make people think that lead them to where you want to take them. This will provide them with a new way of thinking and your brand will stand out from the rest of the brands available in the market.

Post content that others can share:

For getting noticed and generate traffic, you must post information that you think others will like and share. This is going to increase your visibility and will make you known to a larger audience.

Posting at the right time:

You may not be aware that timing is very much relevant when it comes to posting. By posting on social media platforms at the right time, you can easily generate an initial round of engagement which will push your posts higher on your followers’ feeds.

Ask questions:

Calling for action or asking questions can encourage your followers to interact with your posts. It is an effective way to engage your followers and keeps things fun and exciting.

Going live:

When you go live on your social media platforms, it makes you more prominent than the rest. It is because the brand comes in front of the fan which encourages them to see the brand more often even if they don’t watch the live video.

So, there are good reasons to believe that regular and appropriate posting is important. You don’t need to write essays or letters to engage your audience, you just need to stay in touch, and there are so many exciting and fun ways to do that.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)