How you can use social media to get freelance work?

Freelancing is growing. It is gaining huge popularity because of the lack of jobs in the industry. Freelancing is attracting more people recently to self-employment. You can fire your boss, work from home and make unlimited money.

The rising popularity also means tough competition. It’s the survival of the smartest. If you are good in communication skills, know a computer skill that is in demand such as web development, graphic designing, etc, and possess some great business development skills — you are in for a big ride and a fantabulous freelancing future.

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The competition on freelance marketplaces is growing. If you bank on freelance marketplaces for continuous work, there is a good chance you may not be able to make a substantial income.

This is coming from someone who has made over a million dollars in sales on in the last two decades. Guru is the world’s largest freelance marketplace, however, it’s not the best anymore, Upwork wins that bracket by a long way.

Thinking outside marketplaces, and going to social media for finding work is still new. I’ve been personally using the power of different social media platforms to reach out to potential clients and it is working for me.

Precisely, I am going to share what I do on different social media platforms to spread the word about my different services.

I will be bluntly honest. I use hashtags from Instagram and Linked and populate them across other social media platforms. They are usually the same with a difference of a few hashtags.

Here is how I use social media to publish my work-related posts.

Facebook Page Post:

Facebook is huge. With over 2 billion active users, it’s a goldmine for online businesses who know how to cash on the internet opportunity.

I have a page, I use that for promoting my work. I use a combination of images and videos and supply appropriate hashtags in order to be searched.

A client may be able to find you by using keywords for a service they are looking for.

Using Linked In for Work Promotion:

People think LinkedIn is used for searching for new jobs and corporate networking. It is far beyond that spectrum. I’ve found a lot of international clients using LinkedIn and the below pictures are self-explanatory.

I use royalty-free images from Pexels. I try to create appealing text to attract clients and then use hashtags suggested by LinkedIn for global outreach.


Using Twitter for Work Promotion:

Twitter is a powerful social media network. Not as huge as Facebook, but it can be used to find clients. Here is what I do on Twitter.

Notice, the same picture, same text, and hashtags.


Here is what the published tweet looks like. Notice the hashtags used.


Using Instagram for Work Promotion:

Honestly speaking, had it not been an experiment I did a couple of years back, I would not have realized the huge potential of Instagram.

No other social media has a wide range of hashtags than Instagram and they are huge in numbers with a massive following.

I will let the below image do the talking but just to have your attention, last month, I got a client who paid me $2000 on Instagram for her parlour website and brochure designing work.

That’s all folks. Use the power of Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Use one post, which could be an image or a video, use the same hashtags and reach potential clients by using all major social media platforms.

Good luck!

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