Scientists Explain Why Smart People Prefer Fewer Friends

It is said that it is not the dog that matters in the fight, it is the fight in the dog that matters the most. Similarly, your friends are a reflection of your own personality. You do not need to have thousands of friends but just a handful — a loyal number that can be counted on when you need them. A friend in need is a friend indeed, it means, one who is always there for you is your true friend.

Jim Rohn’s famous theory ‘you are an average of five friends you surround yourself with’ is true in real life. If you have friends who talk about life, experiences, or travel, you will be happy and the same goes for friends who encourage you, support you and lift you higher. Such friends are always pushing you to excel in life and achieve something. This is why choosing friends who talk about your well being, encourage you to work hard in your personal and professional life is better than those who waste your time in idle activities and money-wasting activities.

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According to research, intelligent people tend to have fewer friends than the average person because the smarter you are, the more selective you become. The more intelligent you are, the less satisfied you are with the quality of your life and you thrive hard towards that objective.

People with higher IQs are less likely to socialize although, it is proven that socializing with people and making friends makes you happy.

The reason why people with high IQs have less or no friends is that Intelligent people are focused on long-term objectives in life. They see the bigger picture and driven by their intelligence, they urge to create or achieve bigger than themselves.

If you see high achievers in life, by looking closely at their lifestyle, we see that they hardly socialize when they are in a process of achieving something. They avoid interacting with people and stay away from socializing because they want to stay on task to achieve their goals.

Intelligent people are also very conscious about their well-being and they typically tend to avoid anything that displeases them. Intelligent people deem socializing as a distraction. They don’t want to meet and interact with new people amid distraction to their work.

Such people are happily surrounded by their favorite environment, circumstances, and people they feel comfortable with. They are least likely to break their comfort zone to try new things and experiences.

Smart people do cherish their friendship but they tend to be selective with how to utilize their time.

The article originally appeared on LifeHack

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