Intelligent people get distracted at work easily

Staying distracted at work is probably because of all those amazing ideas that run through your mind all day. It becomes difficult to prioritize which idea to focus on first. The distractions potentially lead to a feeling of inadequacy and inability to deal with the entire workload. Being unable to concentrate does seem like a bad thing. But according to a new analysis by workplace solutions by company Steelcase, people who have trouble concentrating on a daily basis may be intellectually superior to their colleagues.

Because of constantly being bombarded with information, you are expected to process everything and become more productive. But it does not sound like making you more intelligent to deal with everything. According to a new analysis researchers have found that 204 million emails is sent every minute, email account are checked by workers 30 minutes an hour, and at one time, users have an average of eight task windows open on their desktop. This makes the attention flitting every now and then.

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According to researchers, this flow of continuous information makes your brain practice the processing of information and makes you more productive. This indicates that your brain manages to think about the task ahead even before finishing the one on hand. This is the reason it becomes difficult to concentrate on any one task at a time.

In the words of Doctor Ned Hallowell, a renowned psychiatrist, it becomes difficult for most intelligent people to prioritize which task ad idea to pay attention to at one time. The feeling of an inability to deal with the workplace load creates a lot of problems for them. When the brain is subjected to stress and distractions, it leads to an overload and makes it even more difficult to stay focused. Although, it has been indicated as a sure sign for being more intelligent, you should always look for ways that can help you stay focused and minimize the distractions in order to lighten your workload. It will make you more comfortable to work on the ideas that arise in your mind.

Following are the 5 tips that can help you stay focused at work:

Keep drinking water:

When you are dehydrated, it results in an impaired mental functioning. It changes your mood and reduces the concentration. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated at work to improve alertness and short-term memory.

Deal with the creative work first:

Always stay aware of the fact that every decision that you makes tires your brain. Therefore, do the creative work first and then move on to the less creative ones.

Play brain games:

There are so many apps and games that help you keep your brain sharp. Search for all the fun games that help you make more use of your memory and focus.

Keep your desk clean:

You may have not realized but a messy desk can make it hard to concentrate. So, keep your desk clean and you will feel more comfortable doing work

Eat more fish:

Pay attention to your diet for keeping your memory sharp. Eating foods that are rich in Omega 3 boosts the blood flow to the brain and helps to improve performance.

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