How to make money blogging in 2022?

The world during COVID-19 has changed. People are losing their full-time jobs. Fresh graduates are finding it hard to get a new job. In such circumstances, the internet is one medium that luckily has not taken a dip in 2020 and will grow even stronger in the year 2021. If you can learn how to blog, you can make good money blogging in 2021.

If you can learn how to make money online, essentially referring to home-based business and making money online, blogging is one good way of getting started.

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7 steps of create a successful blog:

  1. Identify your blogging niche.
  2. Start writing content. Make sure it is original and not plagiarized.
  3. Put an eye catchy picture on your blog.
  4. Support your blog with a video (Video tends to engage readers higher).
  5. Make sure your content has SEO-friendly keywords.
  6. WordPress is by far the best medium for creating your blog.
  7. Publish your blog, and share it on different social media accounts.

Make money blogging

As discussed above, if you want to do blogging, you need to create a website. WordPress is one of the best ways of creating a blogging website that could help you make money in 2020.

How to make a blogging website in WordPress?

If you want to learn how to create a WordPress blog, click this YouTube Playlist so you can learn a step-by-step method to get started.

A good blog engages the audience and encourages them to read the content all the way to the end. If you want to make your blog profitable and have more viewership in 2021, you have to ensure quality content and choose a topic that is in demand and liked by the reader.

What works best for good blog viewership?

I think4Ws and 1H weighs in heavily when creating a blog post. If the title inculcates the magical 4Ws that are What, Where, When, Why, and one H that is How, there is a good chance people read your blog post.

Many people use Google to seek answers to their questions and by providing them an answer, you are giving yourself a fair chance of not only getting indexed on Google but also for posts to go viral.

I’ve noticed when I use titles such as “How I made money freelancing in 2020?” The viewership is exponentially higher than using the title “Make money freelancing in 2020”. People want answers and by helping them to get one through an impressive TITLE of your blog post, you are presenting yourself to be valued.

How to make money blogging?

There are many partner programs that are willing to pay you for good views on your blog. The best is Google Adsense. You can make it from your blog by integrating Google Adsense. When people view your blog, they see different ads, similar to the ads you see in this blog post. If they like an ad, and click on it, and the blogger makes money.

I must emphasize the importance of having a payment partner program to monetize your blog. It gives you a lot of encouragement to continue writing good content for your readers. More readership and engagement of your blog content results in more money. Simple, isn’t it?

How to make blogging profitable?

You can only make good money blogging if there is a good audience reading, and sharing your content. Also, if the blog content gets ranked on major search engines, organic traffic begins to read your post, resulting in more engagement.

Remember, the higher the viewership, the more money you will make. One way of kick-starting your blog readership is, sharing the content on different social media accounts.

If you observe closely, you will see, I have inserted social media sharing icons on my blog so readers can easily share the content on different social media platforms.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)