How to write a cover letter for job?

These days, there is a huge debate going on over cover letters. From the research, it has been revealed that 50% of recruiters think cover letters are essential for a job whereas the remaining 50% don’t think of them as having much value. While writing a cover letter for a job, you are not sure whom you are dealing with. Therefore as an applicant, you need to cover all important information in your resume. A resume must not be a regurgitation of your entire educational and professional background. You must focus on certain things while creating a resume for a job.

A resume consists of three main sections. The first section of the resume is the introduction of a few things such as how did you find about the job or whether is it through a mutual connection with somebody at the company. And if you name-drop those references then you are ten times more likely to land the job. This is because when your job application is accompanied by a referral then it places you in a better position to be considered seriously. Along with referrals, as an applicant, you need to mention what is it that strikes you to apply for this role. Do not start like an immature person by stating that you were dreaming of this job since your graduation. But look at your resume as an opportunity to prove to the recruiters that you have done your homework.

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The middle section should be all about explaining how you are a good fit for the job. It is best to go back and read the job description that was posted. Then identify from 3 to 5 core requirements for the job. Writing three of the core requirements is enough as your resume should be consisting of one page. Recruiters only spend six seconds spinning through a resume so there is no purpose in overloading it with irrelevant skills. Recruiters look for someone with specific skills that you have therefore stay focused on what they are looking for. Then you can write about your previous job experience and tell about the skills developed during the course of time. Referring to your experiences and accomplishments must be in the form of a sentence.

The third section of the cover letter is just a quick close. In this section, you should tell how your skills can be valuable for the company or organization you are applying for. And then put a call to action by stating that you will follow up in one week. The week normally starts from the day you submit your application. Also, state to the recruiters to contact you at your given phone and email address if they have any questions regarding your resume. This is a very nice way of closing up the cover letter. It sets the stage for the next steps in the application process and recruiters do not feel bugged when you follow them over the next week.

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