Psychology of happiness is attributed to these 7 habits

Our life is a constant chase for things we desire and think can finally make us happy. But even when these things are acquired, our happiness does not last long. Recently, a study was carried out at Northwestern University that measured the psychology of happiness levels of regular people with the ones who have been able to achieve big lottery prizes. As the results revealed, it surprised the researchers. It was revealed that the happiness levels of common people and the winners were actually similar.

It means we have been driven all our lives by a mistaken belief that acquiring things can make us happy. Experts state that happiness is created by our own self and it lasts through our habits. Incredibly happy people keep their happiness with the habits they maintain in their daily life.  The habits of highly effective people are covered in detail by Stephen R. Covey in his book 7 habits of highly effective people.

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Following are a few of the habits that anyone can adopt:

1- Be with the right people:

When we surround ourselves with people who stay positive and remain confident in their abilities, happiness spreads all over the place. To make happiness a part of our life, we need to avoid the company of negative people and change our friends and surround ourselves with the ones who are fun to work with.

2- Appreciate little things:

The tough routine in life makes us unaware of the little things that make it possible to keep working. we forget to be grateful for the energy we have, the meals we get to eat, the conversations we can have with our family, or even a few steps that we can take on our own in the fresh air. We must develop a habit of being grateful for all things which will constantly keep us happy.

3- Spending money on others:

We feel that when we will buy new things for ourselves, it will make us happy. But that is not true as research has shown that we become really happy when we spend money on others. when we buy people the food they like or the things they really need, it is the greatest source of happiness for us.

4- Avoid gossip:

Gossips or talking bad about someone’s back never give us joy instead we feel guilty afterward. This takes our happiness away even if we do not realize it. therefore, happy people stay away from small talk or judging others. instead, they spend time in meaningful conversations and focus more on improving themselves, and always stay positive.

5- They adopt a growth mindset:

One of the most essential things that can keep our brain active is to adopt a growth mindset. It helps us to find solutions for the problem that occur in our lives instead of being overwhelmed or feeling helpless. Here are 5 proven ways to learn about yourself and develop a growth mindset.

6- Getting enough sleep:

Sleep has the strongest effect on our sleep.  when we lack sleep, we tend to get irritated even on the simplest issues. But when we get enough sleep, it removes toxic proteins that accumulate in our brain throughout the day and keeps our brain in a relaxed position. It is scientifically proven, that sleep increases productivity. Happy people get enough sleep because it makes them feel great about themselves.

7- Be kind to others:

Helping others gives you the greatest happiness of your life. People who help others remain happy most of the time because they shift the focus from themselves to the issues of other people they can solve.

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