14 guidelines for success in life – Follow a proven pattern

Looking at the successful patron of rich people, we find out that they all have done similar things one way or another in order to achieve success in life. In this post, I’ve compiled 14 guidelines for success in life. Each pattern matters a lot in orchestrating a way to success.

Successful people inspire humanity. They have the courage to do what is right, and they are celebrated for this by the whole world. They do not worry about failure and do not hesitate to let go of the “good” and go for the “Great”. They pursue their dreams and make their imagination real. When we look at the successful patron of rich people, we find out that they all have done similar things one way or another to achieve success in life.

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The biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people explore all those hidden opportunities that unsuccessful people usually ignore. When 100 doors are slammed in their faces, they check the 101st door with the same enthusiasm and courage. They jump at the available opportunities and take the best possible advantage.

Successful people work hard but they take an unconventional approach to their workday. They chop their time up for habits that help them increase and improve their productivity in the long run. Highly productive people always focus on improving after achieving success; they focus on their strengths rather than weaknesses.

Following the productivity secrets of highly successful individuals will motivate you to change your approach towards your work, home, and creative lives.

1. Get rid of the “To-do” list:

There are no “to-do” lists in the lives of successful individuals instead they mark and schedule everything on the calendar. Research has shown that “to-do” lists mostly do not help much. It is not possible to complete all tasks every time and the incomplete work stays in the mind of the individuals causing stress and insomnia. Therefore highly productive people manage their routines and stick to the scheduling on the calendar.

2. Managing Time:

Highly successful people believe firmly that lost time can never be found again and therefore they value every minute and every second of their lives. They always use their time wisely because it gives them strength and allows them to be more productive.

“Time is what we want most, But what we use worst.” William Penn

They are super achievers and have the same number of hours in a day as the rest of us but their management of every minute of life makes them succeed continuously.

3. They avoid Multitasking:

The human mind is not built for multitasking, it causes errors to occur. Therefore successful people focus on one thing at a time and it may take one or two hours in the morning. But they commit themselves completely to that project and leave it when they are done with it. Their focus helps them to achieve success with lightning speed.

4. They focus on the present:

Successful people focus on the present to make their lives better in the future. They figure out ways and decisions that can help themselves prepare for their future all humans are time-inconsistent. For them, a proactive approach is better than finding themselves in a defensive reactionary posture.

5. They value their life:

Highly successful people value their work the most but they also value some other things in life. Their life does seem like a roller coaster but they do find time to cherish their family and relationships. They succeed while sticking around their personal lives. They accomplish their tasks and do not neglect their health or family life. They earn to live and what is the purpose of earning and not living a healthier life?

6. Keep a notebook:

Ultra-productive people are always thinking and any great idea can come to their mind at any time. That is the reason they keep notebooks with them to convert their imagination into words because these small ideas light their way to success.

7. They avoid interruptions:

Successful people manage their time efficiently and do not waste even a few minutes checking for e-mails all the time. Rather they check their e-mails once a day and prefer to focus on their work rather than responding to each and every email.

8. They do not engage themselves in unproductive meetings:

According to Dave Berry

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not yet achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be meetings.”

Successful people avoid meetings at all costs, especially unproductive ones. For the meetings are the big-time wasters, there is no payback for the lost time. They watch the clock like a hawk because for them every second matters.

9. Learn to be selective:

Successful people are very selective when it comes to giving their time for anything. They say “no” to unnecessary meetings or unnecessary discussions and focus on something realistic instead. It relieves them from the unnecessary pressure of promising and committing for unproductive purposes.

10. They follow the 80/20 rule:

They follow the 80/20 Pareto principle. Successful people know very well that there is no true overnight success. Reaching a goal typically requires years of persistent work and a lot of patience. Therefore they value time and believe firmly that 80 percent of our results are the result of only 20 percent of our activities. They focus on the activities that derive the most productive results.

11. They don’t have control issues:

Highly productive people focus on finding solutions to problems; they do not make an issue of who comes up with a good idea. They do accomplish a large amount of work every day but the truth is that they depend on a vast network to get things done. Successful people master the art of delegation, for them their goal is important. The bigger the goal they pursue, the more people are allied with that cause.

12. They deal with issues right then and there:

Successful people do not beat about the bush on issues like common people do; they deal with issues just once. May it be the case of replying to an e-mail or just sending it to the junk list; they do not waste their time on “second thought”. This helps them to free themselves from any unnecessary burden on their mind.

13. Morning routine:

Morning practices are what fuel us; these are an ideal way to bookend yourself. They are the building blocks of effectiveness, efficiency, and efficacy. The way you spend the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day therefore successful people craft morning rituals that maximize their energy, productivity, and creativity all day long. It saves them from the day’s chaos and consistent practice of a morning routine is the doorway towards success.

14. Recharge in order to be more productive:

Successful people are not given any extra minutes in a day; they make the most of their day by focusing on their tasks. They know that energy is everything to them as it is the only way that they become more productive. So they fuel up themselves and get a healthier diet, complete sleep, and keep a healthier lifestyle to get more things done properly.

Nothing can be done without hope and optimism but great things are done by a series of small things brought together properly. If your habits are consistent then you can achieve success in any field and these common traits of highly successful people can motivate you for a higher purpose.

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