Want to start a new business but do not have any money?. Think about these 6 businesses

With today’s digital technology, you must have dreamed of businesses that can be started with almost no money. But numerous obstacles may have stopped you from actually doing it. You may not have enough motivation or time to actually make an effort to turn your dreams into a reality.

But you will be surprised to know that there are many types of businesses that you can start without a heavy financial burden. Following are the few to get started with:

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Content Provider:

A content provider can be of great help for online business owners who remain busy with marketing, product creation, etc. and have less time to spend creating fresh content for their sites. The amount of money you can earn depends upon a person’s drive and talent. A great opportunity is available for writers, photographers, editors, artists, and video makers on sites such as Fiverr for this purpose. Here are 8 Steps to becoming a better writer.

Personal Creations:

Your creativity can make you earn money without having to invest much. By just investing your time and effort in all your personal creations such as arts and crafts, you generate income easily. There are so many platforms available such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy that can help you easily sell out your creations and earn profit from your work.


A freelancer is self employed, all you need to have is a single computer and a reasonable internet connection. Learn a skill such as graphic designing or web development and offer your services on freelance marketplaces online. Upwork, Guru, fiverr are few of the top freelance marketplaces online and registration on these websites as a freelancer is free. Take a look at What Are The Top Secrets Of Becoming a Successful Freelancer on UpWork & Guru?.

Use your repair or skill-based services:

Your skill can be a revenue driver for you and it can be of a lot of importance for people who don’t know much about repairing things. This is something that does not require anything except your physical effort. You just need to have the right tools you need for doing your job.


You can earn a lot through resale of items to people without actually investing anything. You just need to acquire the product from people and use drop shipping or wholesaling for this purpose. You can ship products directly to manufacturers through drop shipping without any cash.

Consulting business:

You get to learn a lot when you are working for an organization. Your years of work give you enough knowledge about an industry that you can share with the new entrants. Your expertise can be of great help for new professionals or startup business and they can pay you for your knowledge. You can start your consulting business without any investment and it will be highly valued among other people.

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