5 engagement techniques to increase engagement with your target audience

Most of the marketers focus on growing lists, fans, and followers but ignore the basic metric that creates mobs of raving supporters. But in order to increase the chances of growing your business, you need to engage your audience and don’t wait for them to find you.

Following are the key engagement techniques to increase engagement with your target audience and to create more value:

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Begin with a simple question:

You must have seen many presentations in which people start by asking a very simple question from the audience. This is because a question engages the audience immediately and provides a speech with a simple structure. Once you ask the question then you must proceed with the answer.

Open up with a quotation:

If you want to bring more influence in your speech, you must open up with a quotation from a respected figure. Play around that quote initially and then link everything towards your topic. This will create curiosity among your audience and will make them listen to you more carefully.

Wake them up through facts:

For your speech, you can engage your audience by telling them some of the facts about your topic. For example, if your speech is regarding health then you must start by explaining how tobacco has killed more people worldwide than the first and second world wars combined.

Tell a story:

People love to hear stories and it would be great if you begin your speech with an incident. By taking your audience right into an interesting story, you can be sure to get the kind of engagement you want. A story can make your topic interesting even if you have something really boring to talk about.

Bring up something unexpected:

Sometimes an interesting opening can straight away lead you directly into your speech. For this purpose, think of opening up your speech with something unexpected. You can begin by saying, I want to tell you something you do not know. Try to build a connection, a bonding between yourself and the audience so they can resonate with your brand and become comfortable.

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