Female Recruiter at Walt Disney World points out 5 most annoying mistakes in over 40,000 resumes she has seen in 2 decades

Tina Nicolai starting her recruiting career with Walt Disney World in the late 1990. She has experienced that many job seekers were submitting resumes which were flawed. She says people do not know how to market themselves or highlight their strengths, achievements in an interview with Business insider.

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Following are the 5 most irritating mistakes she has seen in over 40,000 resumes in over 2 decades.


Paying less attention to the details, previous experience. Also she says such resumes have spelling mistakes, font mistakes or ir-relevent details.

Extremely Lengthy Summaries

Summaries are annoying if they include too many adjectives and are written in a formal tone. They often sound like reading a book whereas resume is suppose to tell a lot about the candidate in a concise way.

Dense Buzzwords

Keywords such as “best”, “team player” etc do not go well with recruiters, it is always advised to use selective words and explain yourself to the recruiter with proper selection of words.

Being too formal

She finds overly formal résumés annoying because they are not engaging at all.

Starting a bullet point with ‘Responsible for’

“Candidates need to understand that starting a sentence ‘responsible for‘ tells the reader what the job requirements were supposed to be, but it does not state that the candidate actually performed the functions,” Nicolai says.

The Article first appeared on Business Insider



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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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