Being an introvert does not mean that you are doomed to stay in the dark – here is how you can shine in your own way

At a workplace, being an introvert is like being left-handed. Although such people represent a sizable portion of the population yet, they find it hard to fit in. as an introvert, you need time to reflect and recharge. This makes you stay calm, listen attentively, and think before speaking anything. But these characteristics are not recognized by many workplaces and introverts hardly make it to any leadership positions.

But being an introvert does not mean that you are doomed to stay in the dark, you can shine in your own way. But experts suggest that you should consider these tips in order to perform better as an introvert:

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Identify the right role:

There is no specific industry that is best for introverts but before taking on any role, you must make sure that the role you have, takes advantage of your strengths. Once you identify your strengths and weaknesses, connect them with your job description. If you are confident that the responsibilities that you will be given will align with your skills, then this role is going to be the best fit for you.

Use your strengths in meetings:

As an introvert, you will feel better to communicate through your writing. But you may often get troubled when you see extroverts exchanging their ideas aloud during a meeting. This does not mean that you lack something. You need to use your listening skill here and note all the points that seem important during the meeting. Once you take all the information, then work independently and come up with solutions. It will be a complete thought out solution and will help you become an important part of a meeting.

Take time alone:

In open workplaces, it is very difficult to concentrate especially for introverts. It seems that you will never be able to get your work done. But it does not mean you can’t work. You can focus completely on the task that is ahead of you by blocking out time on your calendar and retreating to a quiet area.

Develop strong relationships with co-workers:

Introverts are often considered bad at making friendships because they don’t find the small talks interesting. But if you are an introvert, you will probably be shaking your head in disagreement as you do like spending time with other people. But it’s just in your own terms and does not mean you are unfriendly. Therefore, the key to surviving at a workplace is to build individual relationships by meeting people one-by-one rather than in a group setting.

Leave the comfort zone:

As an introvert, you may not like becoming the center of attention. But for progressing in your career, you will have to give presentations and speak to your boss which sounds terrifying for you. So, you have to get out of your comfort zone and practice speaking in front of the people. Obviously, you can’t be good because you are just starting but you will become better the more you will push yourself for it.

Promote yourself:

You may think that promoting yourself is similar to bragging but it’s not. Bragging in a balanced way is crucial for your career. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you need to get yourself heard. You will have to tell people what you are capable of so that you can also get your hand on the opportunities that are mostly provided to the extroverts. Keep a running list of your achievements and do not hesitate to bring them up in meetings with your boss. Keep on updating your resume from time to time and you will see new opportunities coming your way.

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