7 questions to ask yourself and reveal your life purpose

question to ask yourself and reveal your life purpose

Getting up in the morning and feeling excited about the day indicates, you have a clear sense of purpose in life. This is the purpose that gives you a deep sense of motivation and energy. It makes you go through the day with a deep sense of satisfaction which guarantees that you are doing something worthwhile. You have now goals in your life and in the meantime you have questions to ask yourself. Why are you sent to this world and what you are meant to do here?

Finding your purpose in life is really the “Ah-ha” moment that makes you try various things in that direction and live a purposeful life. But for some people, it is not as straightforward as it seems. To follow a purpose in life requires you to discover it first and there is a way to that.

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Following are a few of the thought-provoking questions that you need to ask for finding your life purpose:

1. What makes you unaware of your surrounding?

This is something experienced by everyone. There is one activity that makes you completely absorbed in a state where you lose the sense of time. This is the activity that makes you forget everything that is going on around you. It can be anything you love to do for yourself or for helping others. You need to realize when did you experience such a thing last time?

2. What things attracted you as a kid?

Your strong abilities are hidden in your childhood passion. As a child, you do things that you find interesting and become good at. You need to think about what you used to do as a child and what things attracted you the most. The games you might have played for a long show that you have the potential to grow in those fields.

3. What do you spend most of your time on?

Most people spend time on things they think they like the most. They might like to hang out with friends who like to exercise more, are interested in cooking healthy food, or share a passion for sports. If you spend most of your time there and you enjoy it, it is an indication of your passion.

4. How you chose to fill your hours?

This is something that needs attention. You need to think that if you are not doing any job and are not even allowed to stay at home, where you would like to spend that time? You can choose to visit art galleries, and museums, or volunteer at some place.

5. What do you want most in life?

There might be a few important things that you consider a basis for your life. Think about those things and then create a bucket list of what you desire the most. Then ponder upon the things that you really don’t want to miss. This is something where your passion is hidden and you need to realize it.

6. What is the issue you hold close to your heart?

There might be one such issue that you feel strongly about and want to read about it. You may want that topic to come up again and again so that you can work on it. You need to understand that issue and focus on what you want to do about it.

7. Can you make your dream a reality?

There have been many people who made their impossible dreams a reality so why can’t you? Think about your dream and think of ways that can make it a reality. If you find difficulty, you can discuss it with a friend and get help in turning it into a reality.

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