Instagram Stories growth has outnumbered snapchat


The eight-month-old format of Instagram is now being used by more than 200 million people on daily basis. Recently, the platform announced that its Stories feature surpassed SnapChat’s in daily active Users. This number is 40 million more as compared to the numbers reported by SnapChat lately.

Since the debut, Instagram seems to have directly hampered the growth of SnapChat user’s. The teen sensation is beginning to tap out its youthful demographic and has considerably slowed down with its meteoric growth. SnapChat seems to be confining itself to developed markets for getting a support for its video intense features. This way, the app has only one direction to go, to appeal the older users. The company has may be realized to attract a broader set of users instead of just targeting the teenagers.

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Overcoming 158 million users may not be a large number to beat, but for Facebook’s broad appeal across geographic as well as demographics is a brilliant feat for the social giant. The similarities between SnapChat and Instagram might have made us tired but the cloned features have always been better than the originals.

For now, Facebook has clearly beaten its rival SnapChat and has expanded its user base. Not only that, Facebook has actually revamped its entire interface, education, and marketing and has provided a great blend for its users.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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