Europeans are getting crazy about Miswak, selling it for £3.90

A Czech company named Yoni  has introduced a new product called the Raw Toothbrush. The selling point is, it is full of minerals, vitamins and it whitens your teeth, prevents tooth decay and is 100% organic. The product comes in a nice TEST tube making it look classy. If you are thinking you know this product already, you are right. This is Miswak!

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“Ever since ancient times, people have been using tree twigs, sticks, Arak tree roots (in Arabic countries) and lemon tree or orange tree roots (in Africa) to clean their teeth and oral cavities…”

It is amazing to see that people in arab specially muslims have been using this product for ages but WEST claims this to be a revolutionary product invented.

For muslims, using Miswak is a sunnah of Mohammad PBUH and has many benefits. In east, In fact some people just grow these trees in their back yards and use the twigs to brush their teeth so they don’t even need to buy them.

There is lot of information about the product on the company’s Facebook page here

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