How to get started and make money as freelancer


The freelancing movement is picking up the pace all over the world. According to an infographic released on one of the world’s largest freelance Marketplaces called Upwork, in a survey done by over 6,000 U.S workers in 2018, 56.7 million Americans Freelanced. About 1 billion hours were spent on freelancing work per week.

61% of people chose to freelance and there were 84% full-time freelancers and 64% were full-time non-freelancers.

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Freelancing Lifestyle offers a better life-work balance. Freelancing provides more opportunities as you are in control of getting projects and making more money. You can work from home and offer your services at your own pace and choose your work hours.

One interesting fact about freelancing is people prefer a skill education over a college education. This is a very interesting insight into our education system and a new work model. It clearly depicts that the future is about skills and perhaps a college degree would not be needed anymore for freelancers.

According to the stats, 93% of people preferred getting skill-related education and training because tech is enabling freelancing, and 64% of freelancers found work online on different freelance marketplaces.

In order to become a successful freelancer, you need to follow this checklist and get started.

  • You need to identify your skill. There are many skills offered online such as web development, graphic design, content writing, software developer, etc.
  • Practice that skill. The freelance marketplace is the survival of the fittest and the smartest.
  • Work on your communication skill. In my two years of experience as a seasoned freelancer, I have learned, skill alone won’t make you successful. You have to learn soft skills too, communication and business development, in particular, are two must-learn skills.
  • Remember the customer is the king and in freelancing work, the burden of proof falls on the freelancer as the client is paying you the money.
  • Go the extra mile to satisfy your client. Do not be cranky for small projects or additional tasks that will not consume your time. Be flexible. A satisfied client is a goldmine in the future.
  • Focus on client retention. A happy client not only comes back with more business but they feel confident in you and refer new clients your way.
  • Your success as a freelancer is dependent on your client retention. You can not win new projects every day.
  • Work on your marketplace profile. A profile is like the front face of any brick-and-mortar store. A nicely presented profile attracts clients
  • Upload one and half minute video on your profile. Remember, your client may well be seven oceans apart, therefore, a video is a perfect way to show your face, communication skill, and command over your skill. A nicely created video attributes a long way in your hiring.
  • Your proposal to the client’s project placement should never be a canned response. Every project requirement is different so your response has to address the project. Follow my bidding rules.
  • Talk about your skill and services on your social media. Once your freelance profile is shared, you never know who may contact you for a job.
  • Here is how your Gig on Fiverr can attract new orders and how you can win projects on Upwork and Guru.

Get started folks, you do not want to miss this great money-making opportunity. Freelancing is the future and you can take complete control of your life and live your dreams.


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