Facebook now tells you why you are targeted with a specific ad

Facebook says users will see more information about the ads they see on the social network. The world’s largest social networking website has announced a series of updates to one of the frequently asked questions “Why am I seeing this ad?”

The company aims to bring users greater transparency and control over the ads so they can tell Facebook if they do not like something and would prefer not seeing it in the future.

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Why am I seeing this ad?” section will show more details. It will tell you why you are targeted with this particular ad. This could be on the basis of your interest or categories that matched your surfing on Facebook. Also, you can see what ads you have clicked on Facebook recently.

The section will show where the information came from, including data-brokers. All users will have full control over the ads now to chose what they want to see and what they do not. They will be able to completely opt-out of all ads from a particular advertiser.

Under Ad Preferences, Facebook has added an “Advertisers and Businesses” tab. This will show you which third-party data brokers uploaded lists with your personal identifying information. Don’t worry, there is no data leakage here. The idea is simple, brokers list could include a shoe shop that has uploaded a list of customer email addresses and the info is used to target ads on Facebook.

TechCrunch has already pointed out as to how Facebook was working on a feature that will show when an advertiser uses a data broker list.

How to get out of this?

You can choose to opt out from some of the data brokers by visiting: Settings > Ad PreferencesAdvertisers and Businesses > Businesses who have uploaded and shared a list with your info > Tap on the company name > Privacy options.

It must be clarified that you can’t completely get rid of all ads. There is no way to opt out on that front, however, the new tools will give you control over the kind of ads you wish to see on your timeline than being forced to see everything that could be irrelevant to your interest.

Facebook began to work on its ad policies after they were abused to interfere with the electoral processes, all that Russia game and discriminatory housing ads in the US.

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