Harvard thinks we have a new Einstein and She’s Only 23

Women remain a minority in physics and astronomy. It’s because they face a lot of challenges and fail to get proper mentoring that is needed to sharpen their abilities. Female students in physics represent more active scientific community in the U.S.

Among the few standalone female scientists, Sabrina Pasterski is one such miracle of today who has taken the world of physics by storm, Futurism reported. A physicist at the age of 23 she is known for her work in quantum gravity, space-time, and black hole. At the age of 14 she requested notarization of aircraft worthiness onto the MIT campus for her single engine plane. This aircraft was built by her and she had already flown it. Now, Paterski is an MIT graduate and a Harvard Ph.D candidate in physics at the age of 23. She has her work uploaded at her website PhysicsGirl.com.

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Featured in Forbes magazine, received job offers from Nasa to Yahoo, only fate knows what is next for Sabrina.

The main focus of Pasterski is quantum gravity and explains gravity within the context of quantum mechanics. With her exceptional abilities, she is very well known to NASA scientists and has been offered jobs by most reputable organizations in the world.

Sabrina Pasterski is a female that can be linked to the most wining women in the history of science. Marie S. Curie is known as the mother of modern physics and was the first Nobel Prize winner. She earned a doctorate degree for her services in the scientific research. Later on, she became the first women professor and lecturer at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She transformed our understanding of the natural world and focused on radiation.

Another important name in the history of science is Ada Lovelace. She wrote an article on the machine and developed an algorithm that allowed a sequence of Bernoulli numbers. She predicted that the device will make use of its algorithm in numerous ways. She introduced the concept of machines following rules in order to manipulate symbols.

Every person the field of biology is familiar with Dian Fossey, a conservation biologist. She fought for saving mountain gorillas and studied the endangered gorilla species in the forests of Rwanda. She learned to mimic their actions, sounds, and behaviors in order to approach the gorillas. Fighting against poachers her whole life she focused entirely on preventing poaching, gorilla traps, and capturing them.

This amazing group seems to have a new addition in the form of Sabrina Pasterski who is right on the tracks to inspire the future scientists. She is expected to do the same work as this team of female scientists has done to change the understanding of the world.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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