Facebook dealing with fake pages hard way

Ad revenue is the latest announcement Facebook has made in order to curb its fake news issue. According to the company’s product manager, Facebook today announced that it has banned all those pages that repeatedly share new that have been marked fake by the third-party fact checkers. All such pages will not be allowed to advertise on the social media platform.

Following this strategy will help Facebook to get rid of the false stories that are circulating throughout the platform as it will cut off the possibility of cash reward that a page receives by advertising fake stories. Facebook states that this update will help to disrupt the economic incentives of all such pages and to bring an end to false news. This will help Facebook to create a well-informed online community. Previously when the platform announced it has a plan to curb the fake news issue; it did not reveal its methods for doing so. Cutting off the revenue to spammers is something that has been announced recently. The VP of News feed Adam Mosseri stated that Facebook has found out that most of the fake news is encouraged financially and it has become a way for spammers to make money. Pages deceive users pretending as well-known organizations and post fake news for motivating people to visit their website.

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The social media platform has made it clear that disgraced pages will only be allowed to advertise again if they stop sharing the false news. But it’s not specified that for how long such pages will not be able to make a comeback.

Via: The Next Web

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