Google Photos gets image editing tools

With the holidays approaching, Google has found this time as best for introducing its new photos features. These editing features serve as a great tool to make your photos look much better and of high quality. Aside from the “light”, “Pop”, and “Color” sliders, the app now offers a drop down menu for two categories which gives you a granular control over shadows, highlights, blacks, and more.

Deep Blue” and “Skin Tone” are the main categories which are a part of saturation settings. This helps you to create a livelier image by keeping the rest of the colors unchanged. For increasing the general saturation of an image the skin tone feature is more useful. It helps your skin appear more natural than fake if the rest of the shades are without a white balance or a bit dull.

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Also, Google is making its filters smarter with the help of machine learning. The auto setting helps to change the white balance and exposure around a subject’s face in the image. It makes your image more alive than appearing strange.

Looks” is another series of filters that Google has recently introduced. It uses machine learning method to adjust the image so that it appears perfect. The new tools for improving photos are a great addition but users cannot expect to use them instantly. These tools work with JPEG’s only and it is not possible to make advanced edits with the DSLR images. For extra power, the users are recommended to turn to Snapseed which is afforded by RAW images.

Also, Google is also making a big leap for making automated movies. It is now easier than ever to make themed movies rather than creating films with specific trips and dates. These features are rolling out for both iOS and Android users.

The updates are rolling out to iOS and Android and the Web today.

Via: TheNextWeb

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