Sweden’s Work Permit Rules could be upgraded now

The appeal to Sweden authorities for allowing a talented developer named Tayyab Shabab to stay in the country has attracted a lot of attention from the leaders of the tech community. The developer was asked to leave the country due to an administrative error that occurred during his work period in an agency.

Tayyab Shabab is not the only one to be forced to leave the country; many other skilled individuals were also threatened with expulsion over errors that were not even committed by them. This autumn, the entire community remained in discussion about the situation of foreign workers in Sweden.

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For Tayyab, a petition has been signed by almost 10,000 people that include leaders of tech communities as well as startup companies. TechCrunch’s editor Mike Butcher, Local’s CEO Paul Rapacioli and Spotify’s founder Daniel EK have also signed the petition in support of the talented developer.

According to the local reports, after court’s decision the Migration Agency had altered its system for approving renewed work permits in the last autumn. Because of which the foreign workers could apply for a permit extension only if they meet all conditions on which they were granted permit for the first time. According to a Liberal MP Fredrik Malm, it is not appropriate to assess all the cases by these rules. A legislative change would be better to improve the Migration procedure.

In Sweden, a parliamentary committee on social insurance has now asked the government to scrutinize how work permit rules could be upgraded. This alteration will be incorporated to the current inquiry that is being carried out on the foreign workers. Inquiry report by the government will be presented in spring 2017 whereas the results of this amendment will be presented in December.

Via: The Local.se

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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