Facebook launches Unified inbox for businesses

Businesses are always looking for something that can keep them updated with conversation on social media platforms. For such businesses there is good news, Facebook has recently launched a new feature that make it easier to stay on top of every discussion.

Image Source: Tech Crunch

According to Facebook’s global head of pages, Benji Shomair, this feature has been developed to satisfy the requests of people who are in the business field. For businesses it was not easy to respond to customers’ requests previously. They had to open up separate apps in order to answer to customers on Instagram and Facebook. It was no less than a challenge to handle as Facebook page alone had been seeing nearly 5 billion comments, visitor posts, and message on monthly basis. Some of the people for staying updated had been keeping more than one phones in order to respond to upcoming things quickly.

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It has now become easier for business to handle everything from Facebook’s Pages Manager App. In the inbox, a unified stream is included based on comments on Facebook pages, posts, messages, comments and videos on Instagram in the app. It also includes spate tabs for focusing on specific cannels.

This feature is already being testing and is expected to be rolled out soon. This app will be more useful for small and medium size business as large companies mostly use their own application for supervising their social media activities.

Via: Tech Crunch

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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