ChatGPT Founder Speaks Out on Global Bug Issue


According to ChatGPT-owner OpenAI revealed that a bug caused a “significant issue” which allowed a small group of users to see other people’s conversation histories with the bot.

Users will not be able to access their chat history between 1 am and 10 am on March 20, Chief Executive Sam Altman announced.

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Since ChatGPT was launched late last year, it has seen a meteoric rise in popularity as people from all over the world have used the conversational chatbot to create everything from poems to novels to jokes.

A new version of the artificial intelligence (AI) model GPT 4, which was released through ChatGPT on November 30, last year, has been launched by Microsoft Corp-backed OpenAI.

Similarweb reports that OpenAI’s integration of GPT into Microsoft’s Bing has prompted people to use the little-used search engine.

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