For Group Conversations WhatsApp bring three new features

For group conversations WhatsApp bring three new features

Great news for Whatsapp users. Whatsapp has brought three new amazing features that enhance the experience of group conversations. These new features will definitely give more control to group admins which makes it easier to manage and organize the chat. So get ready to enjoy these amazing and exciting new features with your group.

The instant messaging app (WhatsApp) on Twitter said “more is more. Knowing that makes groups thrive, we have added new features to your group chats with more people and more control your group connections can continue to grow” it said

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What are the new amazing updates:

The new updates include a number of participants, admins in control, and groups in common.

  1. The number of participants:

By making group chats even better they have increased the number of participants which you can add to a single group. WhatsApp has upped the limit from 512 to 1024 which means you can add more people to your group without any space issues. And it’s an awesome feature now you can invite all your friends and family to your group chat without any space issues.

  1. Admins in control:

WhatsApp has rolled out another amazing few features that give you even more control over your group. Admins can now approve or deny new member requests before they are added to the group. If this feature is enabled you can review pending member requests by going to the group info screen or by simply tapping on the chat banner. So you can know that only the right people are being added to your group chat and this feature is pretty cool.

  1. Groups in common:

Whatsapp has released a new update that will make searching for contacts even easier. With this feature, you can now see the groups you have in common with a particular contact you are searching for. This comes in handy when you remember a participant’s name in a group but can’t recall the name of the group itself. This update will provide you with more information when you search for contacts within the search bars by making it more quickly and more convenient to find the right person.

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