Whatsapp Offers a Solution to Your Space Issues


There is more than enough space in WhatsApp for music, photos, and videos but still, there is a limit to everything especially if you are using WhatsApp for your business and needs more space.
WaBetaInfo reportedly announced on Twitter to bring the new update on WhatsApp for space issue. The new feature is known as “Expiring Groups”, this feature will allow users to clear chat automatically from the groups.

A new update for WhatsApp has been submitted, bringing the version up to This update is not ready to use yet, it’s still under development.

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The new feature will allows users to set an expiration date for the groups to clear chat, once the date arrives, the user will be prompted to clear the groups, said the app-tracking website.

The “Expiring Group” feature will be available within the group info. The users will be able to use this feature according to their needs, they can use a different option such as one day, one week, or a custom date. They will also have the ability to remove the expiration date in case they change their minds. said WaBetaInfo.


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