WhatsApp Business App rolls out to iOS worldwide

After the Android version of WhatsApp business introduced last year in January, WhatsApp Business App is rolling out to iOS globally now. It took WhatsApp more than a year to roll out the feature for iOS users which is a little strange.

With Business App, businesses will be able to connect with their potential customers directly. They will be able to manage communication with their customers.

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Businesses will be able to create a branded, verified profile on WhatsApp. The profile will have their email address, physical business address, and a phone number. It also will support links, documents, and other media. Customers will be able to directly message the business.

Just like email or SMS messaging, users are prompted to select and also opt-in to receive direct messages and also have an ability to opt-out from each message.

WhatsApp Business App was initially available in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, the UK, and the United States Of America.

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