Twitter Blue is now available globally for $8/month

Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is a subscription service that allows users to enhance and customize their Twitter experience with early access to new features. Users who subscribe to Twitter Blue will also receive a blue checkmark on their profile after undergoing a review process to ensure they meet all eligibility criteria. The subscription is available for localized pricing starting at $8/month or $84/year.

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In addition to the blue checkmark, Twitter Blue offers several features designed to personalize the user’s Twitter experience. These features include the highly-requested Edit Tweet feature, which allows users to make limited changes to published Tweets within a 30-minute window.

Other features include Bookmark Folders for organizing Bookmarked Tweets, Custom App Icons, NFT Profile Pictures, Themes, Custom Navigation, Spaces Tab, Top Articles, Reader, Undo Tweet, Prioritized Rankings in Conversations, Longer Video Uploads, Half Ads, Longer Tweets, and SMS Two-Factor Authentication.

Twitter is also piloting a new service called Twitter Verified Organizations, designed for business entities on Twitter and adding a gold checkmark to official business accounts.

You can now subscribe to Twitter Blue worldwide on the web, iOS, or Android. However, please note that not all features are available on every platform. If you have recently created a Twitter account, you cannot subscribe to Twitter Blue for 30 days. Additionally, we may choose to impose waiting periods for new accounts in the future, at our discretion, and without prior notice.

Please be aware that Twitter reserves the right to remove your blue checkmark at any time, without providing a refund, if you violate our Terms of Service or if your account is suspended. This decision is made solely at our discretion, and we may take this action without prior notice.

Users who have subscribed to Twitter Blue for $7.99 on iOS will receive a notification from Apple informing them that their subscription will be automatically renewed for $11/month or $114.99/year (or the local pricing), unless they choose to cancel their subscription.

If users initially subscribed on iOS for $2.99 or $4.99/month, they will need to upgrade their subscription for $8/month or $84/year on the web, or $11/month or $114.99/year on iOS (or the local pricing), or risk losing their subscription altogether.

Existing Twitter Blue subscribers are advised to manage their subscription on the platform they initially subscribed on, and will receive the service until the end of their current billing period, or their subscription will be canceled with notice.

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