Belle Gibson, an Australian blogger fined $322,000 for misguiding people

Belle Gibson is a 25 years old Australian blogger who gained popularity in the country from her blog where she claimed to have beaten brain cancer using natural remedies and nutritions. Belle got massive popularity all over Australia in 2013 after writing in her blog she had successfully treated malignant brain cancer with whole foods, alternative therapies. She than launched a mobile App, Cookbook that did well primarily because of the story tale she build up which was based on a lie. The app is called ‘the whole pantry’ and instantly became the best selling app in a very short time.

After building her successful online business she later on confessed in a Women’s weekly magazine in an interview that “None of it’s true“.

Her confession created a dis-stress. After her confession, she has been fined A$410,000 (£240,000, $322,000) for misleading her readers.

Why would she do it remains unknown, perhaps to build a successful online business by faking a story and misguiding people how to cope with a disease as fatal as cancer, beating it completely and getting back to life.

“I don’t want forgiveness,” Ms Gibson told Woman’s Weekly.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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