Apple aims to understand users photos

In an attempt to understand machine learning and AI technology, Apple was reported to may have purchased a French startup Regaind earlier this year. This startup is known for its computer vision for tech, because of this, Apple has recently announced that its iOS11 will be introducing an improved Photos app.

The Regaind startup uses the computer vision API which provides it the ability to properly analyze the contents of an image. The Photos app by Apple previously had this feature but with the acquisition of Regaind, the capability to analyze is going to be taken to a higher level. It is a very good move by Apple in order to stay compatible with Google’s machine learning powered photo application.

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According to the startup itself, the technology used help to understand the content of images along with their technical and aesthetic values. This technology will be of great help for finding and creating albums, for hiding duplicates, for searching for the best shots in a series of burst shot images, or for grouping images based on coloring and events.

The most interesting thing is that Regaind’s technology can help analyze a face for gender, age as well as emotions. It is expected that Apple may the face analysis technology for powering its animoji feature which is a prominent feature in the iPhone X.

Via: Engadget

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