Facebook is working on unlocking your account by Facial recognition

It seems that human face is getting a lot of attention these days. Apple recently provided us with an example with the introduction of its Face ID and Android Pay is also reported to be coming facial authentication for its loyalty programs. Moreover, airports are also expected to be using this technology for streamlining the boarding process. There are so many privacy concerns regarding the process but still, it has not discouraged Facebook from testing a facial recognition feature for the platform.

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Reports state that this version of Facebook’s facial recognition will secure its users’ accounts. This feature is being tested by the company for users to regain access to their account with the help of their face identity if they get locked out. This verification is extremely helpful in situations where it is not possible for a user to receive the two-factor authentication SMS. According to the social media, the company is testing a new feature for people to make the process of account recovery easier. This is an optional feature and is available only on devices that users have already used to log in. This is another step in order to confirm users’ identity alongside the two-factor SMS authentication.

The availability of this feature depends upon the results of the tests that are being carried out. If the feature proved reliable, it will be rolled out to the entire public. Facebook has long been trying to make the accounts more secure for users. This feature by Facebook is expected to work privately for users; therefore, it should not be a risk for the privacy concerns. If users are able to get back to their account properly, then people may not hesitate to use their face for verification.

Via: Tech Crunch

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