A computer FONT is a HOT topic in the political news in Pakistan and here is WHY?

No one could have ever thought that the use of a FONT would make such a big news in an investigation. The involvement of the Pakistan’s Prime Minister into the Panama leaks has created a political tension in the country.

Recently, PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz has gotten involved in the Panama issue. JIT called in Ms. Sharif after her possible ownership of the overseas properties. Now the eye brows are being raised on the documents that have been submitted by Maryam Nawaz.

Interesting thing is that it’s the FONT of the content that has raised a concern about the documents. A document showing a deed signed by Hussain and Maryam Nawaz was signed on February 4, 2006 in which Maryam was declared as a trustee of the Avanfield property. Upon submission of proof, she submitted photocopies of the original document. This document upon testing from a lab expert from London’s Forensic Document Laboratory proved that the font used in the documents was Calibri. This font was not available in 2006 when the original deed was actually signed.

The official statement by the expert has been stated as;

“I have identified the type font used to produce both certified documentations as Calibri. This is the font that was not available commercially before 31st January 2007 and therefore, neither of the originals of the certified documentations is correctly dated and happy to have been created at some later point in time”.

It seems true as Calibri Is a font that wasn’t rolled out to the public with MS Office till 2007.

Via: Pro Pakistani