6 Important Life lessons from Warren Buffet (Video included)

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Because of his sound investments and overall success, Warren Buffet has become a living legend. His success is built on a strong foundation of hard work and perseverance. He never gave up on his goals at any point in his life and lived all his life with the same tenacity and ambition. His humble personality offers many lessons to those who want to achieve success.

Following are the Warrant Buffet’s ways which can help you on your way to success too.

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Living below the means:

With a net worth of 77 Billion, Warren Buffet still lives in the house he bought in 1958. The total cost of that house is just $31,500 which indicates that despite having a lot of money, he prefers to live economically. This allows him to invest more money without being declared with any bankruptcy.

Avoid the time wasting meetings:

A very important thing on Warren’s not to do list is not to attend the unnecessary meetings which waste time. Instead, he sends letters to his companies praising them with previous victories and setting goals for the year ahead. This gives him more time to work on projects that are more important.

Communicate well:

In order to overcome the fear of public speaking, Warren Buffet took a course for speaking publically. This helped him to become a successful public speaker. Now, he forces young entrepreneurs to get a good hand on their communication skills as this is something that can make their journey easier towards success.

Researching before investing:

Warren Buffet is used to research every company he wants to invest in and understands it completely. He invests generously once he understands what he is going for.

Do not follow trends blindly:

Warren Buffet is known to stay away from purchasing trendy stocks such as Facebook, SnapChat, or Apple.

Have fun:

The best advice Warren Buffet like to give to the upcoming entrepreneurs is to have fun and do not make their lives stressful. He loves his own job invests in a project he likes.

Via: Business Insider

Featured picture taken from article: http://appleinsider.com/articles/17/02/14/warren-buffetts-berkshire-hathaway-nearly-quadruples-stake-in-apple
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