Instagram fixes the bug that has troubled users a lot

Recently a confused situation occurred among the Instagram followers when they were locked out of the app and were not allowed to sin back in for some time. The users kept getting error messages when they tried to log back into their accounts.

According to Instagram the bug that turned out to be harmless has been fixed. This bug apparently scared the users as the case of hacking of their accounts with some claimed their accounts to be broken into and their passwords changed. This is pretty easy to think when a user tries to log in into his/her account and gets the message which says the password has been changed. But fortunately, the faulty situation occurred due to an error and no passwords were compromised as the fault was corrected.

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The Instagram revealed that not accounts were deleted because of the error and only a small percentage of the users got affected who ranted on the social media for not being able to log in their accounts. The platform confirmed to its users that the issue has been resolved for now.

Via: MSN

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