8 signs that help you identify a genuine person

We naturally tend to value people who are genuine as compared to the ones whom we perceive as fake. It is because the fake people make an effort to appear more appealing or impressive which they are not. This makes us value the people who do their own thing regardless of what others think. This is the reason that living a more authentic life is considered best.

Adopting the following habits can make you a genuine person:

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They are not desperate for attention:

Being realistic is something that sets genuine people separate from others. They know who they are and don’t make people to like them. They are more focused what needs to be done instead of doing what others like. They do not try to show off and have a confident attitude that attracts people for who they actually are.

They are open-minded:

Genuine people are not rigid in their opinions and are open-minded. This ability makes them approachable and interesting to others. In a workplace, this is an extremely likable trait as such people are more open to new ideas and changes.

They follow their own path:

These people are not influenced by the opinion of others instead their direction comes from within. They follow their internal compasses and live a life with their own principle and values. They are never get swayed away by what others want them to do and believe what is the right path to take.

They are unfailingly generous:

It is a habit of so many people to hold something back when giving information; they fear you will outshine them at some point. But genuine people, on the other hand, are generous in providing knowledge and information. They are confident with themselves and take others success as their own.

They don’t take criticism as personal attacks:

There is no sense of revenge for others when genuine people are criticized. They also don’t jump to conclusions instead the objectively evaluate the feedback and accept what works for them.

They don’t make decisions based on their ego:

Genuine people just don’t do things to feel good about them. Their decisions are not based on their egos instead the simply do what needs to be done correctly.

Bragging is not an option:

People brag about themselves when they are insecure that if their achievements are not given attention, they will not get noticed. This makes them keep talking about themselves but bragging is not an option for people who are authentic. They know when something is done that really matters, it is brought to notice itself.

They are not hypocrites:

Genuine people are fully aware of their weak points and accept where they are wrong. They are not hypocrites and make efforts to fix their own problems first.

Via: Forbes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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