9 ways to make yourself work smarter not harder

There are many times when we think why are we not smarter than other people? Why are we not talented? And why we never had any lucky breaks to transform our lives. But we may not have any of these things but we can take out time to research the productivity hacks and use some of the most advanced techniques to get more things done in the shortest possible time. A lot of people may think that there must be some basic techniques to apply and get more done. But besides the technique, there are some ideas that will help you to slay your goals and dominate in personal as well as professional life.

1. Get a faster connection:

This may seem pretty basic but a slow connection will slow you down even from the beginning. People who live in cities usually have above-average internet connections which make them more productive. But if you don’t have a faster connection, there is no harm in spending a little bit more for a fast one. The faster your connection will be, the quicker your webpages will get open and the more easily you will be able to work on time.

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2. Importance of natural light:

Studies have shown that people who work with daylight rather than artificial light get a better nigh sleep and remain active for their everyday work. It happens because of the circadian rhythm that is only equally stimulated by the sun. But if you do not have access to sunlight, there are various natural light lamps that can help you a lot.

3. Take naps:

Mid-morning or afternoon drowsiness is naturally experienced by many people. Taking 20 minutes off from your work and taking a nap is not going to lower your productivity. Instead it will boost you energy and will increase your level of productivity.

4. Keep track of your time:

When we are working on projects we lose track of time and even before we know, a lot of time has been wasted. Always keep certain tracking software and devices when you are completing your tasks.

5. Stay happy:

This is one thing that most of us pay no attention to. When we are happy, we naturally tend to work faster and accomplish more as compared to when we feeling depressed. So, stay happy and try to keep others happy too.

6. Be organized:

Being messy slows us down and the clutter in our work area makes us forget even the most important projects that need to be completed. Therefore, keep your working area clean and organized. It will help you to work faster and better.

7. Temperature for working:

According to experts temperature of the place where we work also affects our productivity levels. The perfect temperature for working would be 21 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius or 69.8 degrees to 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It means too hot and too cold temperatures would make us make more mistakes costing up to 10% loss in productivity.

8. Work on one thing at a time:

Multitasking may seem like more productivity but in reality we so various things at the same time, we fail to achieve anything. Experts have found multitasking as 40% less effective than doing one thing at a time.

9. Connect with nature:

Happiness, creativity, and productivity are known best to be improved by nature. Most of us cannot afford to work in an environment that is surrounded by trees and plants. But what we can keep plants inside our working room as even a small pot of flower can create the effects of nature.

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