7 Ways To Get People To Like You Immediately

Scientists have spent years in trying to pinpoint the factors that draw the attention of one person to another. But the research shows that the first impression makes people decide whether they like a person or not. Too many people believe that being likeable comes naturally but that is not true. Falling to this misperception is no doubt easy but in reality, being likeable is in our own control. It is possible because being likeable is directly connected to emotional intelligence.

Following are the ways that can help you outperform others when you meet new people:

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1. Allow others to speak first:

When you meet someone new, let eth other person take the lead in a conversation. Ask good questions to help along the way but do not try to dominate. When you will allow people to speak, you will easily build a relationship of trust and will make it easy for others to share their information with you.

2. Be honest:

No matter how sharp you are, people can guess when you act fake. So, try to be genuine while meeting people so that they become comfortable with you. When you describe honestly about the things you like and what excites you the most, people like you more.

3. Become aware of your body language:

When your body language is positive, it draws people towards you. A positive body language means you are aware of your gestures, expressions, and tone of the voice during a conversation. Your uncrossed arms and a maintained eye contact is something that makes people like you a lot.

4. Stay away from the phone:

For educated and informed people, connecting with your phone during a conversation is considered as bad manners. Therefore, stay away from texting or glancing at your phone when you are in a conversation with someone.

5. Make the conversation short:

Studies have shown that meetings that start with just five minutes of talk get better results. A small talk can save you time and makes it possible to understand more in less amount of time.

6. Remember who you are talking to:

When you refer to other person by using their name, people feel more validated. It makes others remember your name too. But don’t be afraid to ask second time if you forget their name as it will make you remember it then.

7. Listen actively:

When you listen to people carefully and concentrate on what they say is highly recommended for becoming likeable among others. You also need to illustrate that you are paying attention by asking insightful questions and understanding what they say.

The researchers have found that when people want to be liked by someone, they act warmer towards them. It increases the chances that you will be liked more so even if you are not sure how the other person feels about you, act like you like them and they will probably like you back.

Via: Forbes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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