Undo the harm of sitting all day by using this simple technique

You may have been told that sitting too much can be bad for your health which makes most of you feel guilty after a long TV binge. But you forget the seven or eight hours where you park yourselves at the office per day. Studies have shown that sitting longer can have terrible effects on your bodies and the regular exercise is not enough to undo the harms of your daily routine.

According to the recent studies that have been carried out indicate that standing desk can help reduce the effects of sitting for long. But if you want to lose weight or improve your overall well-being, a standing desk may not be of much help. Instead, your regular movement is a much better way to keep yourself fit. The regular movement is moving a couple of minutes every hour. It helps reduce the risks of premature death and result in a significant calorie burn.

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Fewer calories are burned:

According to the latest paper published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, when you stand for six hours a day instead of sitting then it burns only 54 extra calories. This is equivalent to just half a piece of bread. The lead author on the paper stated that standing accounts for more calories burned than sitting. But the researches altogether have found that the benefits of standing desks are minimal and may add up with the passage of time. The calories equal to help a piece of bread may not sound much but if you don’t change your diet, you can lose 5 and a half pounds over the course of one year.

Moving around regularly is best:

The experts suggest that moving around regularly can bring greater effects on your health. Walking is ideal for losing weight but getting up and doing some stretches every hour can bring better results. The researchers carried out an experiment including 3,600 adults for knowing better how movement can reduce the risk of dying prematurely. The participants were asked to wear the same movement trackers.

The records were checked after three years and the results were published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. The study compared people who sat all day and moved around just two minutes every hour. They were found to have 33% lower risk of dying prematurely than the people who kept sitting the whole time.

The overall takeaway from the study was that people who work and sit all day should break the longer periods by moving around more. They even suggested that you must spend two hours out of your seat all day and prefer regular movements instead of using standing desks.

Via: Business Insider

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