Don’t say these things to your boss, you will be disliked immediately

Having a warm relationship with the manager may give you the feeling that you can be frank with your boss and say whatever you want to. But according to experts, even in such kind of relationship, there are few things that you should never say to your boss. With other people, such things may be apologized and can be put to rest but professionally, it can make you lose your job.

Therefore, in order to avoid getting involved in this kind of catastrophe, the following are the things you need to keep in mind never to say to your manager.

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Don’t made demands:

When it comes to salary, you need to hold yourself back from asking for a raise. Asking for a raise in your salary because your kids needs to get braces or your car broke down aren’t good reasons for this purpose. Instead, you can discuss the raise based on your performance of the past quarter.

Badmouthing a colleague:

When you are working, you need to present a better image of yourself. But badmouthing a colleague in front of your manager can paint you in a negative light. Managers don’t like to waste their time in solving arguments between co-workers and allow the work to get delay. Instead, if you have trouble with somebody at the workplace, point out the things that person has done and created a problem for you.

Pointing finger at other people:

When you miss a deadline because of a team member, you naturally will place on the blame on that person. But in the long-run, this is not going to benefit much. When you blame other people, it seems you avoid taking the responsibility of your project. You cannot blame other people and think everything will go smooth afterwards. Explain to your manager what went wrong and assure that things will not turn out bad next time.

Using a stiff tone:

If you are asked to do something that you believe is outside the scope of your job, you should never argue on it. However, you can express your concern by using a neutral tone.

It is boring:

If you don’t know how to deal with your spare time, do not tell your boss that you are bored. Instead, remain alert for any tasks that your manager has and they can be passed on to you. You can ask the authority if they need any help and work efficiently to lower their burden.

Becoming resistant to change:

Managers look for employees who are open-minded and easily adopt changes. When you are asked to do something in a different way, do not get defensive. Instead ask for a suggestion they can give to help you do the work the way they want.

Via: Business Insider

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