7 Tech trends that are all set to dominate 2018

Since the beginning of human history, equipment and tools have evolved but in recent decades, the developments have been mostly revolutionary. Automation has helped mankind by decreasing the work load and improving their standard of living. Because of the increasing demand for energy, everything has changed. The advancement in technology has given rise to the use of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. There has been a growing trend of smart speakers and virtual reality which have a lot to explore yet.

With the passage of time, the use of new technologies is getting better and it is improving the communication with larger audience. But there are certain trends in technologies that are considered to have a lot of potential to change our lives on a broader level. Following is the list of those trends that will dominate in 2018.

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Digital centralization:

This is the newest trend which allows individuals to manage everything from a few devices and central locations. The digital centralization is expected to do even better this year and the technology of smart speakers is proving to be an interesting beginning of it.

AI permeation:

The artificial intelligence is considered to be incorporated into more diverse range of application and is starting to make an appearance on all apps and devices. The use of machine learning algorithms is going to get even better and is going to accelerate a lot in 2018. In all forms of technology artificial intelligence is going to become the major player.

Consumer data:

The power of consumer data has been realized by almost all nations around eh world. But in 2018, it is going to be given a higher priority. As people are relying on digital tools for performing most of their daily tasks, companies will be encouraged to access huge amounts of personal data.  This will bring more positive results in numerous fields including healthcare.

UI overhauls:

The introduction of smart speakers has made looking at screen for performing a task, no longer necessary. With mobile continuing to take control, the use of desktop is becoming less common. Consumers are more adopting the use of UI and are expected to be used in core fields in 2018.

Seamless conversation:

The robot speech and Chabot’s are becoming increasingly popular. With Microsoft’s latest test, the voice recognitions have come up with a 5.1% error rate. The cycle will continue in 2018 and seamless conversation will be made without any mistakes.

White color automation:

2018 will be the year of radical job transformations as artificial intelligence is advancing enough to replace white color jobs. Jobs might not be completely replaced but they will be heavily influence by automation.

5G preparation:

The internet is going to be ten times faster than 4G with the introduction of 5G network. It will revolutionize the way consumers use internet now. For engineers and developers, 2018 is going to be a year of preparation for an internet for the new generation.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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