7 Proven ways to make your communication better

We exchange information with individuals or a group of people through communication. We try to be as clear and accurate in this process so that our thoughts, intentions, and objectives are conveyed properly. But the communication sometimes is not very effective because either the sender or the receiver misunderstand the information. But in today’s highly informational and technological environment, it has become essential to have good communication skills. There are so many people who struggle for communicating effectively and this is something that holds them back in their careers as well.

So that you don’t feel like knocking your head against a wall wandering why no one understands you, following are the few tips that can help you engage in better conversation.

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Be serious:

When you are meeting people for the first time, you need to be sober and decent. When you try to cut the tension by making jokes with the person you are talking, that takes your conversation in an inappropriate direction. Until you know your crowd, keep your talk clean and professional.

Speak your mind:

During a conversation remain honest about what you feel but express it without hurting others feeling. Never blame someone for how you feel but always tell the truth.


Most people think of communication as what they are saying. But communication is all about hearing other people and understanding what is being conveyed. You need to pay attention to what the other person is trying to tell you and respond in the best possible way.

Don’t pass judgment:

It is common for people to start judging other when they are talking. But this is not at all good way to proceed with the conversation. It is because when you judge people you don’t listen to what they are saying.

Wait for your turn:

When someone is talking, you get the urge to shout out the first thing that gets into your mind. But a conversation is the time where you can create a realm of respect by allowing people to speak their mind and waiting for your turn patiently. Wait for the natural pauses that occur during a conversation instead of interrupting others.

Ask about others:

When you talk to other people, do not just keep telling about yourself. Ask others about their views and their opinions the way you talk about yourself.

End at the right time:

The end of conversation can be easily judged but some people do not give it importance and keep dragging it. For an effective conversation it is necessary to end it right. Don’t be the guy who never shuts up and end the conversation when you see the other person is trying to do so.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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