6 ways to Stand out from the crowd and shine

Being prominent at work is a subject that has been debated for years. Some people think that getting discovered is an organic process but some consider self-promotion to get a seat at the table faster. It sometimes happens that you get tired of doing a good job and never get noticed. Sometimes you do whatever you are asked for but are not acknowledged for your efforts let alone being rewarded. It happens because people who get promoted are not just good at their job, they are good at many other things.

Following are the special skills that you need to have at work so that you can be stand out from the crowd:

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1. Do excellent work:

If you want to get promoted than doing just an okay job is not going to help you achieve your goal. You need to do an outstanding job in order to be admired and seen by the people in the management. Look for ways to improve your work and make it excellent.

2. Become skilled:

If you have a skill and you can use it in a certain area in an organization, then you can become someone people would turn to. Help others solving their problems in that area and you will be approached for an expert advice.

3. Share information:

When you gain a little experience in your area and want senior managers to see that then start coordinating training session for colleagues. Help them and guide them with the knowledge you have.

4. Write blogs:

Another way to be prominent among others is to start writing blogs for you company’s website. In this way by demonstrating your skill, you can promote yourself to a wider audience.

5. Help others:

Helping others in need is the best thing you can do to gain respect but do not expect any favors in return. Also, do not wait for people to approach you for help instead pitch in when you see they need help.

6. Look for opportunities outside your company:

Once you are an expert in a field than practice for being able to speak about it in front of others. Look for opportunities outside your company as the monthly meetings held by associations are always in search good speakers. Work on your words and body posture to make your speech more inspiring and powerful.

Via: Forbes

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